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Two purposes of this blog


For many years in hundreds of articles, lectures and discussions I urged managers and IT professionals to apply best practices, humane science and economy to their work. As consultant, I demonstrated for many times the practical usefulness of such attitude. Today, after many achievements in the past, I see that bringing knowledge and practice together is never ending necessity. Post-industrial society and knowledge-based economy is still to be built on the always fresh layers of ignorance-based economy. Therefore I open this blog with two purposes in mind.

The first purpose of this blog is to bring humane sciences and technology together. IT and computer science could benefit much, and develop much more efficiently if closely collaborating with the experts in the fields they enter. For example,  why not to learn process management from industrial engineers, when developing Business Process Management applications? Why not to develop ontologies together with philosophers who are experts in ontology? Why to develop semantic technologies without the experts of linguistics?

As generalist, I managed to base my inventions in semantic technologies on strong philosophical grounds, and applied experiences of the dicourse analysis. The results are promising, and I will use them in this blog as examples of the benefits of such integral approach.

The second purpose of this blog is to promote knowledge and expertise as the resources of economic and human growth. This is quite difficult task, as a variety of hype and multitude of sham pretend in the field. Probably more difficult is to make knowledge and expertise comprehensible without losing their profundity and pertinence.

I invite everybody interested in these two tasks to join this blog.